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Laser Scar Removal

Laser scar treatment is a great option to reduce the appearance of unwanted scars. This treatment can be fast, easy, and provide remarkable results.

How Does It Work?

Pulses of laser light are gently delivered to the treatment area to break down the scar tissue and help generate healthy new skin.

What Can I Expect?

Side effects can be few and relatively harmless. Patients can expect redness, similar to a sunburn, as well as minimal swelling, tightness, and light peeling. These effects typically disappear within a few days and depend on factors like skin type, condition, and depth of treatment.

Aestheticians will administer a series of three to six treatments every four to six weeks. Patients may notice an immediate glow after treatment, but more noticeable results may begin appearing around two to four weeks and can last as long as six months.

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  • 5-30 Minute Treatment Time
  • 3-5+ Sessions
  • Mild Discomfort
  • No Downtime

*Results from using our products vary based on the individual.