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Try These 3 Anti-Aging Services for Brighter Skin at Our Wellness Center in McAllen!

If you don’t care for your skin, then the signs of aging may become more apparent. Sagginess, low-dexterity, and fine lines are all common signs. Fortunately, our services provide the nutrients and restoration your body needs to look and feel better! Our clinicians suggest the following. Skin Revitalization MAXG Skin Revitalization MAXG is an age spot treatment that uses pulses to... read more

Treat Aging Skin with Restylane® Lyft and Juvéderm Voluma® XC in McAllen!

Is your skin soft and smooth or dull and saggy? If it’s the latter, then these problems are normal side effects of aging, but there are treatments to address them. For vibrant and fuller skin, our clinicians at Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center in McAllen suggest Juvéderm Voluma® XC and Restylane® Lyft. They also make great Mother’s Day gifts! Get Flawless... read more

3 Services That Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction at Our Wellness Center in McAllen

As we age, we tend to experience many physical conditions like sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalances, obesity, and heart issues. Among these, men can experience erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re dealing with ED, then we suggest speaking with our medical professionals. Here are a few services at Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center in McAllen that can help.  Enhance Your Testosterone Levels... read more

Get a Wellness Boost with IV Infusion Therapy and Glutathione Injections in McAllen!

Nowadays, self-care is the go-to strategy for mental wellness, but your body needs just as much care and attention. Without it, your body can show signs of aging and can lead to poor physical shape. That’s where Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center in McAllen steps in.  We offer various services that boost your body’s vitality, including IV Infusion Therapy... read more

2 Ways to Boost Your Health at Uptown in McAllen!

Are you struggling to maintain your weight or feeling fatigued? If so, then you might be having an issue with your hormones. As we age, the body naturally slows down and has trouble with hormone levels and production.  Fortunately, our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen provides two services that help maintain your well-being. We suggest BioSana-Pellet Hormone Replacement... read more

The DEXA Body Composition Scan Now Available for Weight Loss at Uptown!

Are you fed up with trying one diet plan after another or working out with no results? If so, then it could be that you’re targeting the wrong areas of your body. The good news is that our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen now offers the DEXA Body Composition Scan. DEXA stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and provides a... read more

3 Reasons to Use HCG Injections at Our Medical Wellness Center in McAllen

Is traditional dieting not working for you? If so, then the problem could be hormonal. Our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen suggests the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet. It consists of a 500-calorie diet combined with exercise and HCG injections. We want to share a few reasons why we love this diet and why you will too! It Boosts... read more

3 Benefits of the HCG Diet at Our Medical Wellness Center in McAllen!

Have you ever tried weight loss supplements or workouts in the past that just didn’t work? Many have trouble losing weight due to slow metabolism, genetics, and old age. You may need a jumpstart with the HCG diet. We want to share three benefits of this incredible treatment at our anti-aging and medical wellness center in McAllen. It’s Doesn’t Use... read more

Improve Your Skin with PRP Therapy and Dysport® at Our Wellness Center in McAllen

Have you adopted a healthy skincare routine? As we age, our skin begins to sag in areas like the face, neck, and cheeks. Damage to top skin layers can also happen. Fortunately, our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen has two services that can help your skin bounce back with great results. We want to share the benefits of Dysport® and PRP... read more

Improve Your Weight Loss Journey with MIC Injections and IV Infusion Therapy

Weight loss can be hard if you suffer from underlying conditions, are over 65, and don’t exercise. Whatever the reason, our wellness center in McAllen can help. Our team offers weight loss and wellness services that can slim you down and keep you feeling your absolute best. Learn about two services that can help you meet your weight loss goal! MIC Injections... read more