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Erectile Dysfunction: What it is, What to Look Out For and How to Treat It

One thing that many men fear about erectile dysfunction (ED) is that it can affect their relationship with their partners. Many men are embarrassed and might even feel shame when talking about the issue. It’s very important to know that there isn’t anything shameful about this condition. It affects countless men each year of different ages and races for various reasons. In this piece, we’ll be discussing what ED is, its symptoms and possible treatments.

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What is It?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men. As the name suggests, it specifically involves men having problems with achieving or maintaining an erection. For this reason, ED is one of the most difficult topics that men can talk about. Tackling the problem head-on and not shying away from the subject can increase the chances of living a more active and happier life in the long run.

ED can vary in its symptoms. In some situations, the problem may affect achieving an erection and ejaculation. The risk of being affected by impotence increases significantly with age. It’s much more common with men in the their 60s and 70s, but it can be a problem at any age. Men that lead a fast-paced lifestyle are also at risk since many tend to follow unhealthy diets that involve processed or junk foods, low amounts of exercise, lack of sleep and alcohol consumption. However, even healthy men can experience ED. It all comes down to various factors that a medical professional can diagnose.

The Causes

The causes of ED are as different as night and day. They can range from heart disease to blood vessel diseases. Below are just some of the causes that can affect your ability to maintain an erection:

  • High cholesterol and blood pressure (and side affects caused by their medications)
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Substance abuse
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances

Taking the Wrong Dosage

There are many men who like to self-medicate thinking that adding or subtracting their doses will increase their chances of achieving an erection. Avoid doing this at all costs, especially if the dosage you are prescribed correlates with your height, weight, age or other factor.

At Uptown, you’ll receive a personalized dosage of medication. Many men are always tempted to increase theirs, but side effects or hormonal imbalances may occur. During your consultation, our experts will talk about the right dosage for you, along with what not to do.

Be Patient

We know that waiting for your medication to take affect can be an inconvenience. Patience is key, especially if your EDM can result in medical problems if abused. We will provide the information needed for your treatment, including the time it takes for a prescription to take effect. Remember, some dosages can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before results are achieved.

A Better Outlook at Uptown

Impotence not only affects a man’s self-esteem, it can also affect his sex life. Many always point a finger at age, but growing older isn’t always the main culprit. There are men who live well into their 80s while maintaining a healthy sex life. Some men can even be health nuts and exercise daily while still suffering from ED.

The fact of the matter is that it can happen to any man, no matter their age or background. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center wants for you to know that help is available. Contact us in McAllen today to learn what we can do for you.