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The world of beauty is always changing. With new advancements in preventative aging treatments, Botox, medical products (over the counter and prescribed) and more, keeping up with the latest healthcare trends can be exhausting. Learn how to live life to the fullest without the drama of popular styles and phases that fade out fast. Educate yourself about the smartest ways to feel your best. Let us guide you through the latest health and beauty topics in our regularly updated blog, which you’ll love to read and follow!

5 Foods You Should Avoid or Limit to Maintain Beautiful Skin

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” As it turns out, the same can be said about your skin. If your diet is made up of trans fats, sugars and carbs, then your skin will show the effects. Bad nutrition won’t just affect your health; your skin can also suffer from damaged collagen, oxidative stress and inflammation.... read more

A Few Do’s And Don’ts to Know When it Comes to Having Flawless Skin for the Summer!

Let’s face it; we all want beautiful, flawless and acne-free skin. Following a rigid skincare routine can only do so much to make us look great. Whether you’re excited, stressed or happy, your face is the one that usually gives it away. Follow the tips below to keep blemishes away while enhancing your natural beauty in time for summer! Start... read more

How Botox and These 5 Anti-Aging Tips Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

If you’ve noticed that your skin is aging (wrinkles, age spots, lines on the forehead, etc.), don’t reach for those anti-aging creams yet! Instead, start instilling lifestyle modifications that will not only work in your favor, but also prevent the aforementioned signs from becoming noticeable. Starting early will give you a leg up on fighting wrinkles. Also, did you know... read more

Everything You Should Know Before Deciding on Sermorelin Injections

In the age of social media and attempts to impress a digital world made up of friends and family, it can be daunting when trying to look picture-perfect. There are countless weight loss remedies scattered in even the most remote locations of the Internet. Quit aimlessly scouring the Internet because Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center has the perfect solution... read more

4 Tips That Can Help You Look Better on Valentine’s Day!

The day dedicated to all lovebirds is quickly approaching. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to decide what you’ll gift that special someone in your life. One thing, however, that many neglect is considering how they’ll look on the day that they’ll spend with their spouse or significant other. Whether you have a date, are in... read more

Say Goodbye to Your Scars with Our Laser Scar Removal Treatment!

Not everyone likes to wear their scars proudly; some remind people of certain experiences they would prefer to leave behind while others are cause for embarrassment. Whether you’re interested in removing scars from an accident or other reason, our experienced staff at Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center is here to give you the help you’ve been looking for. Say... read more

4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Warmer Seasons

Here in South Texas, we’re quite used to saying goodbye to winter as soon as it arrives. Winters here are almost non-existent. While the skin care overhaul from season to season in our region is minimal during this period of the year, along with switching to a lighter makeup routine, nail colors and hair, it’s easy to neglect our skin.... read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Healthy Skin

The appearance of our skin is oftentimes a reflection of how we take care of ourselves and what we put into our bodies. The saying, “You are what you eat” can be applied to the condition of our skin. There are many factors to consider when debating whether our skin is in optimal condition or not. Dieting is usually the... read more

6 Tips for Men to Enhance Their Botox Effects

We’re not even going argue with the fact that skincare is a part of every woman’s daily routine, but men should also consider incorporating the same practices into their routines, which will help improve their overall appearance. The rise of Botox among men in recent years has proven that they, too, want to look good! Below are some tips for... read more

Put a Smile on Your Face with Botox!

Botox has many benefits that we’ve talked about before, but imagine getting a treatment that helps you look better while improving your mood at the same time! How often have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how much happier you’d be just from looking better? Well, Botox can treat wrinkles and make you look younger! What could... read more