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The world of beauty is always changing. With new advancements in preventative aging treatments, Botox, medical products (over the counter and prescribed) and more, keeping up with the latest healthcare trends can be exhausting. Learn how to live life to the fullest without the drama of popular styles and phases that fade out fast. Educate yourself about the smartest ways to feel your best. Let us guide you through the latest health and beauty topics in our regularly updated blog, which you’ll love to read and follow!

Get the Beach Body You Want with Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to head to the beach with friends and family for great fun and memories. As most people will be wearing swimsuits and showing off their bodies, others will be trying to hide something that plagues millions: stretch marks. Stretch marks are no laughing matter and are one of the biggest causes... read more

Using Laser Technology to Treat Your Skin-Related Issues

Summer is here and many people will enjoy their days lounging by the pool, sunbathing at the beach or vacationing around the world. Show off your best beach body by eliminating stretch marks, sunspots, wrinkles, scars and sun damage. At Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center, we know that certain physical insecurities can hinder your summer fun. That’s why we... read more

Restoring Testosterone Levels with Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a hormone found in both sexes, although it is the main sex hormone found in men. Often associated with sex drives, it plays a vital role in sperm production, bone and muscle mass, how fat is stored in the body and even red blood cell production. Testosterone can affect mood, weight gain and diminished libido. Men’s testosterone production... read more

A Closer Look at the HCG Diet

There are so many diets out on the market today that it’s almost impossible to decide which will work for you. While doing research, it can become even more daunting since you won’t know where to start when choosing one. All of these diets and workout regiments may have helped you in some form, but are you having trouble keeping... read more

How to Protect and Prepare Your Skin for Summer

South Texas winters are virtually non-existent and we’re now slowly leaving the warmth of spring and heading into scorching summer temperatures. As we dive headfirst into those hot months, it’s important to keep our skin safe and looking great. At Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center, we created a summer checklist that will have your skin fully prepared for those... read more

Why Vitamin D is so Important to Our Health

Nothing screams summer like the arrival of June, and nothing scares our skin more than sun damage. While many foods offer Vitamin D, such as orange juice and salmon, the sun’s rays still remain the main source of Vitamin D. At Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center, we offer the Metagenics groundbreaking nutrient product – the D3 Vitamin 5000 supplement.... read more

A Closer Look at Botox Treatments and Ridding Wrinkles

As we age, we usually do as much as we can to feel and look younger. There are countless treatments that many do at home to keep their youthful appearance and vigor, but oftentimes, they don’t work or hold up in the long run. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center has the perfect treatment to rid your wrinkles. Botox injections... read more

Signs That Your Bones Are Thinning and How to Treat It

Bones, the rigid organs that give our bodies their shape, allow us to run, lift heavy objects and hug loved ones. They also help protect our internal organs and supply calcium, which helps maintain even stronger bones. Most of us seem to think that these solid foundations are indestructible and don't need nourishing. This couldn’t be further from the truth.... read more

Regain Your Hormonal Balance with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

We go through some serious changes as we age. Going to bed earlier, body parts randomly beginning to ache and finding interest in things we didn’t before are just a few of them. If your body is undergoing hormonal deficiencies, don’t feel singled out. Many other women are also undergoing the same thing. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center has... read more

How Stem Cells Help Remove Wrinkles

Spending so much time thinking about which anti-aging products work best is enough to give you wrinkles in itself. Some anti-aging products are obscure while others are praised, all in the name of tricking aging to stop. Count on Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti Aging Center to have the latest contender in the fight against aging. We offer the exclusive... read more