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Avene Products

With over 270 years of experience in caring for sensitive skin, Avène has gained the trust of millions worldwide with a full range of hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products that address the various needs of sensitive skin.

Created within pharmaceutical standards, all products are made of groundbreaking ingredients, like Avène Thermal Spring Water. The brand is backed by over 300 clinical studies and can offer customers help with all skin types.

Thermal Spring Water

Just what is Avène Thermal Spring Water? According to the Avène website:

“A 50-year journey through the Cévennes Mountains in the Southwest of France allows the thermal spring water in Avène to acquire a perfectly balanced mineral composition. As it courses through underground reservoirs, the thermal waters are gradually enriched with trace elements and silicates.”

Transform Your Skin

No matter your skin type or how you want to treat it, Avène is here to help. With a range of items to suit your needs, Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center has the Avène skin care products that can help your skin obtain a healthy, nourished state.