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Lose Your Stretch Marks in McAllen with Our Laser Stretch Mark Removal Service!

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to get rid of those extra pounds and baby weight just in time for summer! But are you still insecure about showing off the new you because of your stretch marks? Stretch marks are a very common but unwanted result of rapid weight gain.

While there are zero health concerns associated with stretch marks, their appearance can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce them and improve the appearance of your skin! Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center offers a non-invasive laser stretch mark removal service.

How Does it Work?

No matter your body size or ethnicity, our laser stretch mark removal service is a great option to fight the appearance of your stretch marks. Creams and lotions rarely work, and other invasive procedures can be painful and require a lot of downtime.

With our laser stretch mark removal in McAllen, you can expect little to no discomfort and zero downtime! Our non-invasive laser targets and breaks down stretch marks, triggering new tissue production underneath the skin. This results in new collagen that helps improve skin color and texture. Most sessions last between 15 and 30 minutes. Our clients tend to see great results between their third and fifth treatments.

Try it Today!

Get rid of your stretch marks and regain the confidence needed to proudly show off your body this summer! Schedule your appointment at our wellness center in McAllen today!

*Results not guaranteed and vary from person to person.