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3 Reasons to Use HCG Injections at Our Medical Wellness Center in McAllen

Is traditional dieting not working for you? If so, then the problem could be hormonal. Our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen suggests the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet. It consists of a 500-calorie diet combined with exercise and HCG injections. We want to share a few reasons why we love this diet and why you will too!

It Boosts Your Hormones

It Boosts Your Hormones

The process involves injections and dieting. The injections play a significant role in how your body breaks down fat without disrupting its natural composition. However, it’s the balance of the diet that helps you shed those stubborn pounds.

It Helps You Lose Weight

It Helps You Lose Weight

Many clients have reported losing weight immediately. Although results vary, the HCG diet aims to:

  • Regulate hunger levels
  • Maintain your natural muscle function
  • Tone muscles while shedding weight
  • Stimulate your metabolism into fat-burning mode
  • Regulate the amount of HCF hormone in your body

A Consultation is the First Step

Before treatment begins, you’ll need to schedule a consultation at our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen. Our weight loss specialists will go over your goals and help design a diet and exercise plan tailored to your body’s needs.

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