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How the Trendy HCG Diet Can Help You Lose Weight for Summer, Fast!

You’ve probably heard about it by now. The popular HCG Diet. An extreme diet that involves injections of HCG (human chronic gonadtropin) combined with a 500 calorie diet and exercise. But you’ve probably also wondered does a diet plan like this really work? Yes! Incredibly well, actually. In fact most patients experience dramatic weight loss, up to a pound a day! They also report feeling more energized and confident in their new “lifestyle.”

Let’s Break It Down!

Many misunderstand exactly how the HCG Diet works. First you have to understand that the HCG itself does not make you lose weight. In fact it’s the actual diet that makes you lose weight. However, the HCG injections will change how your body loses the weight and in turn allows you to shed pounds faster. In case you weren’t sure, HCG is a hormone that helps your body produce more hormones and since a decrease in certain hormones is typically the cause for putting on the pounds, the HCG hormone helps. It’s also important to know that these injections do not disrupt the body’s natural flow or balance.

How Can This Work For Me?

Once you make the smart decision to try the HCG Diet at Uptown Medical Wellness Center, our experienced and knowledgable staff will be working with you nonstop to help you reach your weight loss goals. So how can you get started? First, schedule your complimentary consultation with Uptown in McAllen today, so we can start discussing exactly what you want to achieve. Next, we will design a plan that is tailored specifically to your body. We will create a diet, exercise and injection plan that works for your body and your schedule. Finally, watch the pounds melt away and go buy that new bikini you’ve had your eyes on.

Start Today!

What are you waiting for? Today is the perfect day to start your weight loss journey with the HCG Diet and Uptown Medical Wellness Center in McAllen

*Results from using our products vary based on the individual. We do not guarantee you will experience what is seen above.