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5 Tips to Help Your Skin Look Great During the Coming Months

It’s that time of year again when temperatures will start to slowly drop. When leaves start falling and the weather cools, many will begin to deal with skin-related issues due to various factors. Some may notice discoloration or breakouts while others will deal with dryness. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center is here to give you tips for healthy-balanced skin.

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Skin is Susceptible to the Cold

The reason breakouts mostly happen during the latter part of the year is because dirt, bacteria and oil become trapped in pores. During the hottest months, skin produces most of its oil naturally. This is mainly the reason why most people can get away with using lighter moisturizers.

When cooler months arrive, skin still produces natural oils as usual, but lower temperatures may prevent the shedding of dead skin cells. Oil, dirt and bacteria end up trapped, which can lead to more breakouts and blackheads. During this period, Vitamin C from sunlight is minimal due to cloud coverage. Our Metagenics D3 5000 product is a great source to boost Vitamin C and comes in easy to swallow pills.

Skin Products

One of our favorite times to re-asses skin care routines is the fall. Look through your skin care products and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Keep in mind that every product has a shelf life. If you’re thinking of ways to fight premature skin aging, then ask us about our Glytone Skin Products.


Coming off from a hot season, one of the best things to do is add exfoliation to your skincare routine. Try using a gentle facial scrub to remove damaged skin cells to allow healthier and smoother looking skin to emerge from underneath. Also, purchase products that have natural exfoliating acids that are found in fruits such as papayas and willow bark.


One of the main reasons skin feels dry is due to a lack of humidity when temperatures drop. Look for a good toner that acts like water for your skin. Never use toners that contain alcohol since they will quickly dry out skin. A good toner will help cleanse skin by removing additional residue that most products usually miss.

Home Facials

Facials are great for rejuvenating skin as seasons start to change. Forget about going overboard with expensive chemical peels or other treatments. A good home facial complete with a mask and exfoliation will work wonders.

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As the seasons change, most of us rarely stop and think of how to adjust our daily habits for our health and skin. Busy professionals hardly have the time, but at Uptown, we are willing to do whatever we can for you. We have the latest skin rejuvenating technologies to help fight wrinkles and own groundbreaking anti-aging products to keep your skin young and supple.