Call Us: 956.627.4056

Call Us: 956.627.4056

You Defy Aging.

We Defy Expectations.

Get the Most Advanced Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Technology at your McAllen Med Spa

DEXA Body Scan Composition

DEXA scan uses medical imaging to measure body fat, lean mass, muscle symmetry, bone density, and regional composition.

Lutronic’s Total Skin Solution

Lutronic’s Total Skin Solution combines the powerful effects of two advanced skin rejuvenation treatments to restore your skin’s healthy structure.

SculpSure Weight Loss

With our SculpSure weight loss treatment, med spa patients can reduce fat in common problem areas, like their love handles or stomach.

Lutronic UltraGlo

Lutronic UltraGlo™ advanced laser treatment helps decrease the appearance of age spots, freckles, and sun damage on the face, body, neck, or decollete.

Every Patient Is Unique - So Are Our Solutions

Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center specializes in the latest therapeutic and restorative treatments for health and beauty. Our med spa services encompass professionalism, quality care, and a positive experience. Our professionals can help guide you to the right treatment plan needed for your goals.

We Strive to Achieve the Best Results Possible

Using a strong understanding of skin and the body, our McAllen medical spa specialists harness the most advanced technology on the market to help our patients achieve their beauty and wellness goals. Uptown Medical Wellness has the tools to unleash your inner glow, from skin-revitalizing radiofrequency treatments to light-powered weight loss solutions.

Whether it’s balancing hormone levels to improve your mood or targeting problem areas to help with weight loss, your McAllen medical spa specialists can empower you to achieve your wellness and appearance goals. Don’t wait to start looking and feeling better in your life: restore your body to its best condition with med spa services Uptown Medical Wellness.

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Damaging sun rays, less-than-ideal diets, and the simple passage of time can significantly impact our skin. Using the most revolutionary products and treatments available today, our McAllen med spa specialists can help you rejuvenate your skin and uncover your youthful complexion. You can solve wrinkles, stretch marks, and countless other signs of aging with help from Uptown Medical Wellness.

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