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With a DEXA body scan from the team at Uptown MedicalWellness & Anti-Aging Center, you can get an inside look at your health and find the key to your wellness goals. With our state-of-the-art technology and wealth of experience, Uptown can provide the insights that you need to start on the path to health.

Don’t wait. Take a journey through our body solutions below, or schedule your consultation with a skilled Uptown medical professionals to get the map for your health!

At Uptown, we believe that beauty starts from within. We’re dedicated to helping our patients find the treatments they need to boost their overall wellness. From renewed energy and virility to targeted rejuvenation, our treatments offer a wide range of wellness and health benefits. You can look through our wellness treatments below to discover the key to your health and wellness goals.

The team at Uptown knows that weight and health are not the same, which is why our weight loss treatments put the focus on our patients’ personal health and fitness, rather than unrealistic body standards. Weight loss is different for everyone, and we are committed to helping our patients protect their health while achieving their goals. You can check out our selection of weight loss treatments below to find the key to your weight loss journey.

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