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How Botox and These 5 Anti-Aging Tips Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

If you’ve noticed that your skin is aging (wrinkles, age spots, lines on the forehead, etc.), don’t reach for those anti-aging creams yet! Instead, start instilling lifestyle modifications that will not only work in your favor, but also prevent the aforementioned signs from becoming noticeable. Starting early will give you a leg up on fighting wrinkles. Also, did you know that starting Botox treatments early can have incredible benefits? Read on to find out what they are!

Don’t wait until wrinkles and signs of aging start showing up! Call or visit us today in McAllen to reap the benefits of Botox!

Start Botox Treatments Early

Frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead furrows are the results of repetitive folding of the skin from smiling, laughing and other normal expressions. Many people in their 40s up to their 60s try to rid these wrinkles after they’ve developed only to discover that it’s very difficult. By starting earlier, you can keep them away much longer.

Instead of waiting until the last minute to treat wrinkles, start by preventing them. If you have any questions about how Botox can help you look and feel younger, then consider our treatments.

Avoid Repeated Exposure to the Sun

One of the main causes of wrinkles forming is constant and repeated exposure to the Sun. The South Texas sun can be brutal, especially during the summer and even early fall. Protect your skin by staying indoors whenever possible, near shade or by wearing protective headgear (hats, caps, etc.) and clothes. Also, get in the habit of wearing sunscreen if you’re planning on staying outdoors for long periods of time.

Drink Plenty of Water

Ever wondered what could help keep wrinkles away? The answer might be closer than you think. Drinking plenty of water can help keep away excessive wrinkles by helping your skin stay moist and elastic. If you don’t drink enough water, your cells will start to lose their flexibility and elasticity. What we’re trying to say is, stay hydrated!

Stop Smoking (If You Do)

We’re not going to get into the specifics of the harmful effects of smoking. They’ve been well documented and researched, but a few key takeaways are that smoking causes premature aging to the skin by reducing blood supply. Smoking can also cause wrinkles around the eyes due to constant squinting from fumes and also causes wrinkles around the mouth. If you smoke, try to quit. Not only will your health benefit from it, but your appearance may as well.

Get More Sleep

Did you know that when your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it starts producing excess cortisol? What does this mean? Well, cortisol breaks down skin cells that keep your body looking young and radiant. Try getting enough sleep to produce human growth hormones (HGHs) that help keep skin thick, elastic and less prone to wrinkles.

Eat Healthier

A diet full of vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits will provide you with the antioxidants your body needs:

  • Spinach – Leafy greens like spinach contain vitamin A, which has anti-aging properties. Always keep this in mind: the darker the green, the better it is for your skin.
  • Chia Seeds – Chia seeds can keep skin radiant and youthful. They contain omega-fatty acids and you’ll only need a spoonful every day. Drop some into your bottle of water or yogurt.
  • Berries – Berries help by renewing collagen in the skin and helping its elasticity. Just eating a handful can help keep skin supple and youthful.

Are You Ready to Start?

If you’ve looked in the mirror lately and hated what you saw, it might be time to consider adopting our tips above. If you’d rather tackle your wrinkles with Botox injections instead, then we want to hear from you! Contact Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center in McAllen today to get started!