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The world of beauty is always changing. With new advancements in preventative aging treatments, Botox, medical products (over the counter and prescribed) and more, keeping up with the latest healthcare trends can be exhausting. Learn how to live life to the fullest without the drama of popular styles and phases that fade out fast. Educate yourself about the smartest ways to feel your best. Let us guide you through the latest health and beauty topics in our regularly updated blog, which you’ll love to read and follow!

2 Services at Our McAllen Wellness Center that Can Help You Obtain a Great Body!

Photos courtesy of Do you struggle to keep your weight down? Many people find this hard to do with exercise and eating healthy. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! You can get the results you need for that body you’ve always wanted at our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen. We want to share two incredible... read more

Boost Your Health and Wellness for the Fourth of July at Our Anti-Aging Center in McAllen

What are your plans for the Fourth of July? If it includes spending time with family and friends, then make sure to look your best! We offer three services at our medical wellness center in McAllen that will prep your body for a weekend of get-togethers. Check them out below! Dysport® We know you want to look your best for... read more

Surprise Dad with a Health and Wellness Boost at Our McAllen Wellness Center!

Have you already chosen Dad’s gift for Father’s Day? If not (and if he’s someone difficult to buy for), then surprise him with an unforgettable experience instead! Our McAllen medical wellness center offers services that can increase Dad’s vigor, boost his confidence, and make him feel healthier and younger. Check out a few exclusive services our clinicians suggest for dads... read more

Get That Summer Beach Body with 4 Services at Our Anti-Aging Center in McAllen!

Are you beach-body ready for summer? Some people use layers of clothing to hide their wrinkles and sunspots, but this shouldn’t have to happen. At Uptown Medical Wellness Center in McAllen, our anti-aging services can help! We can treat skin conditions caused by aging and sun exposure. Check out these four services. Laser Skin Renewal Laser Skin Renewal treatments target... read more

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines with Dysport®, Botox®, and Restylane® at Uptown!

2020 may have been the year of at-home spa days, but now that things are slowly returning to normal, you might not want to follow that 12-step regimen to fight aging skin any longer. Fortunately, Uptown Medical Wellness Center in McAllen provides anti-aging services to fight wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines! Our clinicians recommend Dysport®, Restylane®, and Botox® treatments... read more

Try These 3 Anti-Aging Services for Brighter Skin at Our Wellness Center in McAllen!

If you don’t care for your skin, then the signs of aging may become more apparent. Sagginess, low-dexterity, and fine lines are all common signs. Fortunately, our services provide the nutrients and restoration your body needs to look and feel better! Our clinicians suggest the following. Skin Revitalization MAXG Skin Revitalization MAXG is an age spot treatment that uses pulses to... read more

Treat Aging Skin with Restylane® Lyft and Juvéderm Voluma® XC in McAllen!

Is your skin soft and smooth or dull and saggy? If it’s the latter, then these problems are normal side effects of aging, but there are treatments to address them. For vibrant and fuller skin, our clinicians at Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center in McAllen suggest Juvéderm Voluma® XC and Restylane® Lyft. They also make great Mother’s Day gifts! Get Flawless... read more

3 Services That Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction at Our Wellness Center in McAllen

As we age, we tend to experience many physical conditions like sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalances, obesity, and heart issues. Among these, men can experience erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re dealing with ED, then we suggest speaking with our medical professionals. Here are a few services at Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center in McAllen that can help.  Enhance Your Testosterone Levels... read more

Get a Wellness Boost with IV Infusion Therapy and Glutathione Injections in McAllen!

Nowadays, self-care is the go-to strategy for mental wellness, but your body needs just as much care and attention. Without it, your body can show signs of aging and can lead to poor physical shape. That’s where Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center in McAllen steps in.  We offer various services that boost your body’s vitality, including IV Infusion Therapy... read more

2 Ways to Boost Your Health at Uptown in McAllen!

Are you struggling to maintain your weight or feeling fatigued? If so, then you might be having an issue with your hormones. As we age, the body naturally slows down and has trouble with hormone levels and production.  Fortunately, our medical wellness and anti-aging center in McAllen provides two services that help maintain your well-being. We suggest BioSana-Pellet Hormone Replacement... read more