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Sculpt Your Body into Perfection with Our SculpSure Treatment

We’ve all followed strict diets to remove pesky fat from around our abdomens. This unsightly fat prevents us from wearing certain clothes and can even result in insecurity. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center understands how difficult it can be to eliminate areas of fat around the hips, abs, arms and thighs. This is why we’re proud to introduce a state-of-the-art and controlled, light-based technology called SculpSure.

If you’re ready to lose stubborn fat, visit Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center. We can help sculpt your body into the form you want!

How Does it Work?

SculpSure uses light-based technology and targets the body’s fat cells in affected areas. During treatment, patients will experience very minimal discomfort and will instead feel deep, warming sensations and a cool tingly feeling on the surface of their skin.

During the 25-minute treatment, the cool sensation is transferred to the treated skin area to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Stop by, get your treatment done and pick up where you left off all on the same day! If losing fat in specific parts of your body is what you’re looking for, also consider MIC Injections to help keep the weight off.

Does SculpSure Completely Eliminate Body Fat?

A big resounding YES! According to recent studies, the permanent death of fat cells can be achieved when a temperature of 42-47 degrees Celsius is maintained for 25 minutes in treated areas. The sustained temperature then leads to what’s called apoptosis, where the cell stops working and dies.

The upside is no inflammation since treatments use a continuous skin-cooling energy modulation. SculpSure patients usually see a 24% reduction in fat. The service also has a 90% satisfactory rating with repeated treatments.

Who is a Candidate?

It’s important to have realistic expectations when deciding to undergo SculpSure treatments. Patients can see results as early as six weeks after their first visit as dead fat cells will gradually exit the body. Optimal results can be seen up to 12 weeks.

Pregnant patients and those with unstable medical conditions SHOULD NOT consider this service. If you have any other questions about which factors can prevent you from having the results you want, get in touch with us. With several more weeks left until autumn, you can still achieve that bikini body with time to spare to show it off.

Is it Painful?

SculpSure is not a painful treatment. Any discomfort is controlled by a thermal regulator of pulse duration that is precise and found to be quite comfortable. There is also no post-operative pain following the treatment.

How Long is Recovery?

There is no significant recovery time needed with SculpSure. Mild redness, erythema and swelling might occur, but patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately. There is also no restriction put on exercising or other physical activities, so you can return to your healthy lifestyle as soon as you’d like.

Will There be Swelling After Treatment?

Most patients will not be able to tell they underwent SculpSure other than some temporary swelling, which disappears in only a few hours. There might be some sensitivity after treatment that should be gone by the following day. Patients will not have to worry about covering up their bodies for long after treatment.

How Long Will Results Last?

The reduction of fat cells is permanent since they die and don’t return. A patient’s primary goal is to not gain weight following treatment. Your results will only improve if you follow healthy eating habits and a new lifestyle that takes your weight into consideration.

We Want to Help You

If you are tired of strict diets and strenuous workouts that don’t remove stubborn belly, arm or thigh fat, give SculpSure a try. Call us to schedule your appointment and we’ll give you all of the details about the treatment. If you’re a good candidate or want more info, then reach out to us in McAllen. Get started in achieving a slimmer and natural-looking appearance without downtime or surgery!