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Skin Imperfections: How Laser Stretch Mark Removal and Skin Revitalization Can Help

With summer still in full swing, the urge to head to South Padre Island (if you haven’t already) or enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the pool can be very tempting, especially in this South Texas heat. It can be easy to cover up your body to hide stretch marks and various other skin imperfections, but it doesn’t have to be this way. At Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center, we believe in enjoying the summer the way it’s meant to be: at poolside with a cool drink! Read on to learn more about two services that we proudly offer than can give the results you want!*

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Why Stretch Marks Appear

Stretch marks tend to appear when people gain weight at a rapid pace, causing the skin to gradually tighten and stretch. The skin’s elastic fibers under the surface then begin to break. Some pregnant women know what we’re talking about! During pregnancy, a woman can gain several pounds within that nine month window of time. Stretch marks tend to appear at the stomach, buttocks, the upper arms, thighs and even breasts.

Laser Scar Removal

Take it from us; stretch marks aren’t unusual. They’re very normal and happen to millions of Americans. The great news is that our Laser Stretch Mark Removal service can help remove them through a fractional technology that uses pulses of laser light to break them down, all while encouraging new tissue production.* This technology can also help improve the color and texture of these marks. Best of all, the procedure can be quick! Sessions usually run anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

How Does it Work?

Laser Stretch Mark Removal is very different from other skin treatment procedures. It involves technology that emits fine-laser light to penetrate into the inner layers of the skin. This can help restore its supportive structure. Once these pulses have penetrated the skin, your body should banish damaged and old tissue with new elastin and collagen – revealing beautiful-looking skin underneath. Sessions are known to be pain-free with little recovery time.*

Skin Revitalization for Other Imperfections

Stretch marks aren’t the only visible imperfections that make us cover up during the summer when we should be dressing down and enjoying the sun. Sun damage, brown spots, facial veins and rosacea can also keep us from showing off a little more skin. Our Skin Revitalization treatment can help reverse these imperfections.

This light-based technology can improve skin appearances by clearing up sun damage, vessels and brown spots. Repeated sessions may be needed to obtain desired results.* The number of treatments will also depend on each person’s particular effects of aging and their depth of wrinkles.

Reveal the Real You

If you want to know how our Skin Revitalization or Stretch Mark Removal treatments can help you look great again, then we’ll make sure to discuss with you how they work, what to expect and if your particular blemishes are ideal for the services. Call or visit us today to set up your consultation!

*Results may vary from person to person.