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How Our Skin Revitalization Treatment and a Few Helpful Tips Can Result in Beautiful Skin Throughout Summer!

It’s no surprise that many tend to abandon or give little importance to their skincare techniques during the summer due to keeping busy. The notoriously hot weather of South Texas means that skin tends to be less itchy and dry compared to the winter. Plus, the sun-kissed look that a tan brings can certainly overshadow the need to do anything further to it when it comes to creams and other skincare efforts. For those who’ve noticed their skin suffering due to neglect, there are a few things you should know about our Skin Revitalization Treatment along with what else you can do to keep yours looking great!

Stop pulling your hair out when dealing with your skin’s imperfections! Visit us in McAllen today to learn more about our Skin Revitalization Treatment!

Our Service

Our Skin Revitalization Treatment can help improve your skin’s appearance by removing unwanted facial veins, reducing the appearance of rosacea and uneven skin tones, and can even reverse the signs of sun damage. The light-based technology incorporated into the treatment is non-invasive and can also treat brown spots for healthier-looking skin. Treatments can vary to obtain optimal results. Plus, there’s a chance of experiencing no discomfort or downtime.*

Use Sunscreen

Many are unaware of this, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin even in cloudy weather. Make it a habit to wear sunscreen during the summer if you plan on spending long periods outdoors! When shopping for SPF lotions, don’t get oversold on brands that claim 70-100 SPF protection. Sometimes, these sunscreens only offer 2% more than regular SPF 30s. Whether you choose a lower or higher SPF level, make sure to reapply often, especially if you’re swimming as it can wash off easily.

Exfoliation Can Help

If there’s one thing that can make your skin look dry and rough, it’s dead skin cells on the surface. Exfoliating can help remove these cells and allows healthier, more vibrant cells that are underneath shine. This isn’t the only benefit, though. Exfoliating can also help skin cells regenerate faster while keeping the aging process at bay. Just keep in mind to choose a gentle exfoliator when shopping. Many use beta hydroxy and alpha hydroxy acid that can irritate the skin.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

While your skin may not feel as dry during the summer, we still recommend giving it a moisturizing treatment every night and/or morning. Like a healthy habit, the more consistent you are with your moisturizing habits, the healthier and more supple your skin can look.

Maintain Your Water Intake Levels

Did you know that drinking water can not only benefit how your body functions, but also affect the way it feels and looks? We’re not going to badger you with the “eating and drinking healthy” talk, but all of those sweets, snacks and even pollution in the air have toxins that can harm our bodies. Water can help flush out these toxins before they start building up in places such as your kidneys. Do yourself a favor and drink water whenever you can.

Treat Your Skin with Us!

Summer is in full swing, and the last thing anyone wants to do is hit the beach with brown spots, veins or rosacea. Our Skin Revitalization Treatment can help treat these skin imperfections. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, then contact us in McAllen today!

*Results may vary from person to person