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The Ugly Truth of What Sugar Can do to Your Skin

We all love to indulge in sugar binges every once in a while. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you can expect some chocolate and other delicious treats. One thing most of us know is that high levels of sugar can harm skin. Add the fact that too many sweets can also cause bodyweight increases. Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center is here to provide some insight on the truth about sugar, the effects it can have on your skin and how we can help.

Don’t let sugar hinder your skin’s youthful and radiant look! Ask how our anti-aging services can help your skin achieve that summer glow you’ve been wanting!

Sugar Can Cause Inflammation

Let’s start from the beginning on how sugar affects your body. Firstly, when sugar enters your bloodstream, it triggers an inflammatory response. This inflammation is the result of insulin levels in your skin rising, which can actually be seen not long after consuming a snack or beverage high in sugar. Your skin then discolors and coarsens because tiny blood vessels respond by dilating.

During the summer, when most want to use those two-piece swimsuits, discoloration or brown spots can bring lingering doubts to your self-confidence. At Uptown, we offer Laser Skin Renewal to help clear those undesirable imperfections. Ask about this great treatment today!

Elastin and Collagen

Chronic inflammation also attacks elastin and collagen, which give your skin its youthfulness and elasticity. Skin, as a result, looks older and starts to sag. A diet high in sugar can also result in acne and rosacea, which are seen as chronic redness. Sugar isn’t a direct contribution of rosacea, but a sugar-rich diet can make it worse.

If you have or are showing signs of rosacea, unwanted facial veins or sun damage, consider our Skin Revitalization treatment. It helps improve your skin’s appearance by treating sun damage to reveal beautiful and youthful-looking skin.

It’s Not All Bad News!

Despite what sugar can do to your skin, it doesn’t mean cutting carbs from your diet. Complex carbs are rich in protein and fibers, including whole wheat, which takes time to digest and doesn’t create the glycemic increase most processed carbs contribute to. Even if you switch to whole grain, it can make the world of difference in your skin and body.

Sun Damage

The sun also plays a significant role in skin aging, which is why you need sunscreen every day, especially if you reside in an area where you are exposed to higher amounts of sunlight. Glytone products are a great over-the-counter treatment option designed to help you fight the effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Ask us how this treatment can help.

Uncover Your Beautiful Skin!

Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center is here to help you look your best. Whether you’re dealing with skin issues, body weight or wrinkles, we have several services that can help you look younger and more radiant. Get in touch with us in McAllen to learn what we can do to make you look great again.