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Getting Botox in Your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and Beyond

Botox used to have the association of only being for celebrities and the wealthy. Now, however, it’s a pretty common treatment and many people are raving about the drastic results and it’s ability to be performed with minor invasiveness. With Botox, it’s always better to start early, and now more than ever, 20- and 30-somethings are getting a head start in the fight against wrinkles.

Botox’s popularity has been on the rise since the early 2000’s and has seen an increase of over 64% in patients under 30! We’re not surprised; it’s one of the best ways to treat skin that’s showing signs of aging. If you’re skin is already starting to wrinkle, there are a couple of things you should know, depending on your age bracket, about getting Botox.

Age is nothing but a number, and if you’re ready to reap the benefits of Botox, contact us today!

How Does it Work?

Botox is an FDA-approved product made from botulinum toxin, which is injected into facial muscles to temporarily stop nerve impulses that trigger contractions. This helps soften wrinkles and prevents skin from forming more lines. As skin ages, it starts to lose its elasticity and collagen starts to break down. Constant contractions can create more wrinkles and permanent creases. While Botox can be administered at any age, the FDA has currently only approved it for ages 18 to 65.

In Your 20’s

To help prevent wrinkles, experts recommend using Botox as early as your late twenties to reduce a genetic condition called “muscle overexpression”. Most people don’t have wrinkles during this period of their lives, and wearing lotion with sunscreen can help reduce the process of aging. If you think Botox injections can help you look better in your future, consider this period as the “prep” stage. You can prep your immune system with vitamins and plenty of water to ensure that you age gracefully over time, all while preventing wrinkles.

In Your 30’s

Sadly, this period is when most of us start to see fine lines develop around the eyes and brows. The good news is that Botox can soften and erase most of these fine lines just as long as you continue with the regimen every few months. You can also opt for Botox injections every six months or so if you’re planning for an important event, such as your wedding.

In Your 40’s

At this age, the outer layer of your skin begins to thin more rapidly than before, which means that wrinkles will become far more obvious. There is a higher chance that you’ll have static wrinkles if you haven’t used Botox up to this age. Lines are also most likely to have become etched into your skin even when you’re making expressions. There is some mid-face volume (sagging) that creeps up on 40-somethings during this period. Botox can certainly help during this period even if it’s your first time using it. Just like we mentioned before, Botox works best when you get treatments every four to six months.

In Your 50’s

During this time, preventative anti-aging measures will have a harder time helping the state of your skin. Yet, thanks to a variety of cosmetic treatments (including Botox) available today, people in their 50’s can still make a certain degree of changes that will help mask wrinkles.

Not Matter Your Age, Uptown is Here to Help

Wrinkles don’t have to be part of your aging process. With Botox, you can reduce fine lines regardless of age. If Botox is something that you’re thinking about, give us a call in McAllen today and we’ll discuss the benefits of this popular procedure!