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Dysport in McAllen: Get to Know This Groundbreaking Product and Its Effects!

We’ve all heard of Botox, one of the most popular anti-aging treatments on the market. Maybe you or someone you know has even tried it. But, did you know that there is another similar product now offered at Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center? It’s called Dysport, an injectable that works to treat crow’s feet and wrinkles around the forehead and between your eyebrows.

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Botox vs. Dysport

First, let’s consider results. Some may argue that Botox may last slightly longer than Dysport, but this actually varies from person to person. Many clients actually end up trying them, and it’s not a bad idea to alternate between the two to prevent your skin from building a resistance to both.

Second, some clients find that Dysport actually works best in certain areas of the face, while Botox works better in others. Dysport can help you best with those pesky frown lines and crow’s feet, while Botox can help rid your skin of laugh lines and other fine lines and wrinkles around your lips.

Why Choose Dysport?

So why should you try Dysport?

  • It works fast
  • On average, it takes around one to three days to see results
  • It’s perfect to use for last-minute events

It’s also been found that Dysport creates a softer, more natural look due to the larger surface areas that it covers. This also means you may end up needing fewer injections.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Going on right now at our wellness center in McAllen is a first-time Dysport treatment at $20 off! Also, current Dysport clients will receive their treatments at $10 per unit until December 31st, 2018!

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Whether you’ve chosen Dysport or Botox, or alternate between the two, it comes down to your personal preference. If you haven’t tried either, then it might be time for you to contact us for Botox or Dysport in McAllen. Let our experienced and professional technicians help you look great for the fall!

*Results not guaranteed and vary from person to person.