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Orbera® Weight Loss System

Who is it for?

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight but nothing seems to work? If so, then it’s time to try the Orbera® weight loss balloon! Orbera® is the number one weight loss balloon in the world and is used in and trusted in over 80 countries. This weight loss system is designed to help patients lose three times more weight than with diet and exercise alone.* Here are a few benefits of the procedure:

  • Non-surgical
  • Non-invasive
  • No incisions

Orbera® is a durable gastric balloon made out of soft silicon that is designed to help with portion control and contribute towards your weight loss goals. The balloon will remain in the stomach for up to six months where, during that span of time, your body will adapt to healthier portion sizes, resulting in weight loss.

The Procedure

The procedure typically takes under an hour and begins with the patient being mildly sedated before undergoing the insertion of the uninflated balloon. Once sedated, a flexible camera is used to guide the balloon into the stomach where it will rest for six months. When in the stomach, the balloon will be filled with sterile saline solution and will reach the size of a grapefruit. With the balloon occupying a good amount of room in the stomach, you’ll feel fuller while eating.

What it Does

Combined with healthy eating and exercise, the Orbera® weight loss balloon can help you reach your weight loss goal.* When it’s time to remove it, you won’t be left alone in your weight loss journey. Orbera® offers an aftercare program that guides you through your workouts and offers many healthy cooking recipes.

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*Results from using our products vary based on the individual. We do not guarantee you will experience what is seen above.