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We Want to Help You Prepare for Your SculpSure Treatment!

Many of us have areas on our bodies with unwanted fat, especially in the abdomen and flanks that seem to resist every diet and exercise. For those looking for a fast and safe approach, Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center offers the non-invasive and groundbreaking SculpSure treatment to remove unwanted fat. The treatment helps target areas with a controlled laser that causes fat cells to disappear from adipose tissue.

SculpSure treatments help your body eliminate these unwanted fat cells so that your skin looks flatter and firmer. The best part is that the process is convenient and fast. If diets and workout routines are not working, then SculpSure could be the treatment you need. Follow the steps below to help you prepare for it.

If you’re ready to blast those unwanted fat deposits for good, visit us in McAllen to learn more about SculpSure treatments!

Keeping You Informed

First and foremost, we’ll help you decide if SculpSure is the right treatment for your issue. We have qualified employees and experienced laser practitioners to ensure that a high rate of safety and success is undertaken. We’ll advise you about the contouring procedure and whether or not you qualify in an informed and ethical way.


During your SculpSure consultation, we’ll ask what your expectations and goals are and what the treatment can do. This way, you’ll know exactly which results to expect. Generally, SculpSure is best for those who have a body mass index (BMI) under 30, and we’ll go into further detail about the procedure with you.

We’ll also go over any potential risks, what to expect during and after the treatment and what to do to ensure that a higher chance of success is met. Remember, in most cases it’s necessary to have additional treatments to obtain the best results. It’s important to keep in mind that SculpSure doesn’t interfere with your daily routine and there is no downtime, allowing you to return to work and resume your normal daily routines right after the procedure.

The Treatment

The treatment uses light-based technology to target and help eliminate fat cells around your love handles, abdomen or the specific area you feel needs attention. The non-invasive applicator is applied to the surface of the skin and a warming and cooling sensation will be felt. Neither is painful nor will there be any harm to your skin.

For SculpSure, there really isn’t any prep time for treatment. We recommend not using any anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen since this can help suppress the inflammatory response, which removes fat cells. Make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.


Results will become apparent at 12 weeks. Patients usually see initial results in the first four to six weeks, but we’d recommend waiting at least three months for maximum results since the process takes time. Another benefit of SculpSure is the tightening of overlying skin that usually becomes loose with fat removal. Surgical liposuction does not tighten skin and, with loose skin, a tummy tuck procedure is needed in combination with liposuction surgery. You won’t have to worry with either.

Let’s Sculpt Your Body Into Form!

Obtaining the perfect body can take hard work and plenty of time. If you’d like to see fast results* with little to no effort, then visit Uptown Medical Wellness & Anti-Aging Center in McAllen. Our helpful and friendly staff will make sure that your visit is comfortable and beneficial. We want to hear from you today!

*Results from using our products vary based on the individual.