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3 Weight Loss Services In McAllen to Help on Your Healthy Journey

Previously we mentioned a few weight loss treatments that can reform your journey as you eat well and exercise. We also offer other additional weight loss services to help you lose excess fat. Common issues people face while losing weight can include plateauing, gradual weight loss, or gaining weight afterward. Ask our medical staff for a consultation to determine if these weight loss services are right for you.

DEXA Body Scan

If you are struggling to lose weight, using the DEXA Body Composition Scan can help you avoid the dreaded plateau. The scan assesses your body fat ratio, metabolic rate, and amount of tissue hormonally active in your fat. Ask our staff about the full benefits of the DEXA scan.

Bio Hormone Replacement

As you age, your natural ability to produce estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone becomes less. In turn, this can affect your weight loss goal. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can balance your body’s hormone levels.

IV Infusion Therapy and Vitamins

If you have issues balancing a healthy diet and exercise, along with your busy schedule, you may be missing out on some vital nutrients. Without these key nutrients, you may not lose as much weight as you want. Taking vitamins and IV Infusion Therapy can help.

Discover our Weight Loss Services

The following additional services can be paired with a weight loss treatment at our medical wellness center in McAllen. Call us for a consultation and more information.

Get the Flu Shot at Uptown Wellness Center

This year, you can improve your wellness by getting a flu shot, now available at our wellness center and anti-aging clinic in McAllen. Call (956) 627-4056 to schedule your flu shot appointment today.