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Trick or Treat? 8 Myths and Truths About Weight Loss Treatments

Fall is here, and before you know it, the holidays will be here too! But sometimes, those Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas parties make it hard to stick to your weight loss goals. While a healthy diet and exercise should be part of your weight loss plan, you may need an extra boost to help you finish the race! 

Stay on your health journey with some weight loss treatments! You may be wondering if these treatments actually work and will last. Keep reading to learn the truth about eight weight loss treatment myths!

Myth #1: Fat Targeting Doesn’t Work 

Some people believe you can’t target specific areas, but that’s not the case with MIC injections. These injections target those hard-to-lose areas of fat on your body, including hips, thighs, butt, love handles, and neck! 

If you don’t like the idea of needles, you can try out the Sculpsure treatment plan. As a light-based treatment, it focuses on the areas of fat underneath the skin, allowing your body to remove it naturally. 

Myth #2: No Matter What, I Won’t Be Able to Lose Weight

You may feel like you’ve tried every exercise plan, diet, or supplement to lose weight and keep it off. While exercise and dieting are important parts of losing weight, sometimes people need a little boost to meet their goals. Find out how your body stores fat with a DEXA body composition scan!

Myth #3: Weight Loss Treatments Don’t Last 

Weight loss treatments target and destroy the fat permanently, allowing you to stay on track! However, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan can help prevent fat from settling back into those areas.

Myth #4: Just Do More Cardio

Yes, exercise is important to include in your weight loss journey. But weight loss treatments, like body sculpting, can target those fat pockets in your abdomen or hips that are difficult to lose even with exercise. 

Myth #5: Weight Loss Treatment Is for Quitters 

Weight loss treatments aren’t for quitters! Some people struggle with obesity because of a genetic trait or low metabolic rate, and a weight loss treatment may be able to help!

You could be doing everything right with your diet and exercise plan, but if you have low L-Carnitine levels, your body may have a hard time letting go of extra fat. 

Myth #6: All Weight Loss Treatments Are the Same 

Each weight loss treatment is designed for a different purpose to meet your needs! And while treatment may work for someone else, you may need a totally different approach. Find out if an Orbera weight loss system can help you reach your goals!

Myth #7: Weight Loss Treatments Are Expensive 

Weight loss treatments may seem like they’ll cost a lot of money. But the truth is that being overweight can be expensive too! 

  • Higher insurance costs
  • Lowered work productivity
  • Lost workdays
  • Increased medical concerns
  • Possible disability

The best way to find out exactly how much a weight loss treatment will cost is to discuss it with our experienced staff.

Weight Loss Treatment at Uptown Medical Wellness Can Change Your Life!

It’s not a myth — weight loss treatments could change your life! Look better and feel better about your health. Don’t wait until the new year; get started on a weight loss treatment plan with Uptown Medical Wellness! Holidays are coming up, so shock your family and friends with how good you can look! 

Be a healthier and happier version of yourself! Reach out to Uptown Medical Wellness for a weight loss consultation today! 

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